The      PAINT      TIN      DRIP TRAY    is   a      new   decorating tool      developed      by      an individual   who,   after   years of     frustration     caused     by paint   running   down   the   side of   tins   and   damaging   other surfaces,      decided      there must be a better way. After   studying   the   range   of tin       sizes       available,       it became   apparent   that   most paint      tins      in      the      UK conformed       to       standard sizes. Could   there   be   one   simple product    into    which    any    tin could      be      placed      when using   a   paint   brush?   Could that    product    also    provide somewhere     to     rest     the brush?     The     PAINT     TIN DRIP TRAY”  was born! The product would also have to stack efficiently for it to be appealing to retail outlets. The now universally accepted black plastic roller tray, used by us all, was the example to follow. Several prototypes later and after collaboration with a major U.K. manufacturer of decorating products the  PAINT TIN DRIP TRAY was developed. designed and manufactured in the UK – with a Patent Pending  accommodates most UK tin sizes from 250ml to 2.5 L the feet on the tray will accommodate paint brushes up to 75mm wide a right angle shelf on the tray fits neatly into any corner to catch drips  WHERE AND WHEN Tooling is complete and the product has been released onto the market. However, it will take some time for it to become readily available in all DIY stores and decorating outlets across the country. If you are reading this web page it is probably because you have heard about or seen one of the Trays and would like to know where you can get one. We do not sell directly to the public but would ask you to approach your local decorating store with a print out of the image from our web site together with the product code which is ADP-PTDT 1. Their buying department should through the code be able to locate a wholesaler who can supply them with the product. Latest news - The product can now be bought wholesale from RODO, Marshall Brushes and Rollers Ltd and STAX. Other wholesale stockists are reviewing the tool please check with your supplier. Major retailers are;- The Range with 91 stores Nationwide and Rightway Bevan Ltd with 18 stores in  the Wirral region. INFORMATION AND FEEDBACK We would welcome any feedback or queries you may have about this new product. Please send these to PRINT THIS PAGE OR SHARE WITH COLLEAGUES? Click here for a PDF file to print, save or share.